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On Innovation


Sorry to be responding with a difference in opinion.

In reality there is no replacement to Traditional ideas and businesses... We should end up with right process of registration and ecosystem based ideation...

All of a sudden why did this Innovation (Jugaad) word erupted out from nowhere...

In Western Worlds, they have clear notions of getting things in a generation max. Next. Generation of a Family.

What's Jugaad in India is actually the last dieing try to build success. And if it's not then, its just "Khayali Pulav" or "Planning to fail miserably". If we are lucky enough we will get max 2 chances. Remember we will have only 50% chance or max 1 chance of life to grow with Innovation.

Not against any of the theories but, remember why the term is getting famous.

Key reasons of Jugaad are:
1. Less or no capital
2. No knowledge of Market and Marketing
3. No idea of what idea will prevail
4. No men at work. No human support.
5. No Financer to support  business.
6. Never made a single profitable sell without being in a company or without using someone else's brand.
7. No idea of product will fit in market.
8. Do not know people are paying for which idea.
9. Do not have idea of people economy and ecosystem.
10. No intention of giving back to society or no giver's attitude.

Key ideas that could make you earn and not burn:
1. Be predictable, predict
2. Make choices on demands and not supply
3. Innovate only that what is leaking.
4. Get into market do not hawk eye.
5. Customer is the only financer that does not ask for refund*, stake or profit-share.
6. Listen minutely to Customers. There is nothing important than a customer.
7. Never listen to the solution the customer provides... If they were good at it, why did they come to you for solution. Think right on the solution after understanding all the problems
8. Be with people 10X better than you. Going with people lesser than you will never help you.
9. Greatness comes by an attitude of giving. Start giving.
10. Plant strongest and far reaching ideas.
11. There is no idea or product that is small... It's all in the execution.
12. Stop negativity. If positivity does not work negativity actually works and that too in opposite direction
13. Visualization is very important. If you can visualize it... Someday it will work exactly as you could visualize. However do not get into virtuality... Wrong area of visualization... It only wins in Computer Hardware !
14. Change to Better Mentor every year.
15. Be Global and never local.
16. There is no option to Hard Work.
17. Hard Work can be automated Smartly !
18. Money should keep getting built even when we are into snoring sleep.
19. Man hours ! It's the man hours you put in brings you money ! How to add man hours ? Add people at different Time Zones... On different skills... On different hierarchies. It's not a loners game.
20. Only results are seen and awarded nothing else.

On Innovation